Tips For Finding The Funds To Pay For A Lawyer

Tips For Finding The Funds To Pay For A Lawyer

There are several reasons you might need a lawyer by your side throughout your life, and you don’t want to be caught without the funds to handle the situation.  

It’s a well-known fact that competent legal representation isn’t cheap, and not everyone makes enough money to front a retainer fee upon request. Also, ensure that you aren’t eligible for a loss of earnings claim here.

It’s wise to have a plan.  Understand your options and research ways to pay for a good lawyer now.  Here is a quick look at some tips to get you on your way.  

Understand the various types of legal fees

There are a few different types of legal fees that may be presented when you go to hire a lawyer.  It’s best that you understand what you’re facing before you get to a lawyer’s office.  

  • Hourly rates – These are the most common sort of rate you will encounter when hiring a lawyer.  The average hourly rate runs between $100 and $200.  
  • Contingency fees – These fees are paid out of the monetary award you receive from your settlement.  The lawyer is entitled to a certain percentage of the funds.  
  • Flat fees – These fees are typically in place for things like setting up a will.  
  • Retainer fees – A retainer fee is when you pay a lump sum at the beginning of your case, and the lawyer works from the money as your case progresses.  

Negotiations may be a viable option

Sometimes you’ll have the opportunity to negotiate the cost of services from your lawyer.  Try negotiating a contingency fee first, if you have a case that suits the situation.  If you’re dealing with a high profile case, you may be able to negotiate a pro bono agreement with your legal representative.  

Utilize a crowdfunding site 

Depending on the nature of your case, you may find some financial assistance through a notable crowdfunding site. and are both reputable sites that could help you collect the money you need to procure proper representation.  

Apply for a personal loan

If you have a decent financial history, you could talk to your bank about taking out a personal loan to pay for legal representation.  Not everyone has the ability to gather money quickly through a personal loan, but it’s a good option for those who do. Poor credit shouldn’t be a barrier to you getting a loan, providers like King of Kash can help those who aren’t in the best financial situation who are looking for a loan to get the funding they need.

Get help from a legal aid operation

There are legal aid operations set up in every state in the U.S. to help people who do not have the money to obtain the legal protection they are due.  You could opt to have a public defender represent you in court. If you are going to court over a family issue, the state can make sure you are represented free of charge.  

David Robertson