How Much Does Bathtub Maintenance Cost on Average?

How Much Does Bathtub Maintenance Cost on Average?

Keeping a bathtub in top shape is key for both function and looks. Regular cleaning, fixing small problems, and knowing the costs can help homeowners plan their budgets better. This article will cover what to expect when it comes to spending on different parts of bathtub maintenance.

Routine Cleaning Costs

Keeping the bathtub clean is pretty basic but very important. It means getting rid of soap scum, mildew, and grime regularly. Commercial cleaning products usually cost between $5 to $20 per bottle, depending on brand and quality. For those into eco-friendly or homemade items, it’s way cheaper!

Just a few bucks for things like baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice can do wonders. Hiring professional cleaners will set homeowners back about $50 to $100 each time they come over. Regular scrubbing keeps the tub looking good while also stopping bigger problems from popping up later due to neglect.

Minor Repair Costs

Bathtubs can get little chips, cracks, or stains over time. Fixing these minor issues is often a DIY job with repair kits costing between $10 and $30. These kits usually come with epoxy or acrylic filler, sandpaper, and touch-up paint.

For bigger problems or if professional help is needed, expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $300. The cost depends on how bad the damage is and what material the tub is made of—like enamel or fiberglass—which require different fixes that affect pricing overall.

Professional Servicing Costs

Professional servicing covers a lot of maintenance tasks. These include deep cleaning, re-caulking, and refinishing. Deep cleaning hits spots that regular cleanings miss. It usually costs between $100 and $200. Re-caulking is key to stopping water damage and mold growth. 

This service typically runs from $50 to $150 based on the bathtub’s length and current caulk condition. Refinishing can make an old tub look new again but comes with a higher price tag—usually between $300 and $600.

The process involves sanding down the surface, fixing any damages, then applying a fresh finish—a cost-effective alternative compared to replacing the whole bathtub.

Additional Accessory Costs

Taking care of a bathtub isn’t just about cleaning and fixing it. Sometimes, it’s also necessary to replace or upgrade some accessories. One common item that might need attention is the tub drain stopper. Over time, it can get clogged or worn out.

A new tub drain stopper can cost anywhere from $5 for a basic one to $30 or more for fancier options. Other things like shower heads, faucet handles, and bath mats may also need replacing now and then.

These items usually range in price from around $20 up to $100, depending on their quality and brand. Spending money on high-quality accessories not only makes using the bathtub nicer but also means replacements won’t be needed as often.


To wrap it up, the cost of keeping a bathtub in good shape can differ. It depends on how much cleaning is needed, any repairs required, and if professional help or new accessories are necessary. Regular upkeep and fixing small problems right away helps homeowners keep their bathtubs looking great and prevents expensive fixes down the road.

David Robertson