3 Tips For Having Sophisticated Tastes On A Small Budget

3 Tips For Having Sophisticated Tastes On A Small Budget

If you’re someone who prides themselves on having sophisticated tastes but has found that these desires often come in conflict with your finances, you’ll be glad to know that there are ways in which you can still get the nice things that you want without having to blow your budget all the time.

To help you see how this can be done, here are three tips for having sophisticated tastes on a small budget. 

Look For Dupes

While there might be some things that you’ll want to get the real thing for, like with Chanel earrings or purses, other times, you may be able to get the same look as the item you’re wanting without actually having to buy the brand name item. When you do this kind of shopping, it’s called buying dupes.

There are all kinds of businesses and influencers who spend a lot of time finding dupes for more expensive items so that people can buy a similar product without having to spend money for something pricier. If you’re able to do this with some items that wouldn’t be showcasing the brand name of the item you’d be buying anyway, you could save yourself a lot of money so that you can afford the brand name items of other products that you may want in the future. 

Start Reselling

If you really want to buy the nice, expensive items, you’ll likely need to find some ways that you can cut down on the costs for making these purchases.

One thing you can do is try reselling some of the nice items that you’ve bought in the past that still look great and work well. Because even if these bigger ticket items aren’t brand new, people will still pay a lot of money for them. Especially if it’s something that you don’t use as often as you used to, reselling this item to someone else will give you more money to work with when you make  your next expensive purchase. 

Learn How To Negotiate

Another thing that you can try to help you save money as you’re trying to buy expensive items is to learn how and where you can negotiate prices. 

Even at some stores, you may be able to negotiate prices with the sales staff, especially if you shop there often and have a rapport with them. Additionally, if you’re buying items off of someone that’s selling them themself, you can usually negotiate on price with them, especially if you know how to work people so that you both feel like you’re getting a great deal at the end of the day. 

If you have sophisticated tastes that you can’t really sustain on your current budget, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find ways to stretch your money better. 

David Robertson