Top 3 Resources Companies Should Switch to Green Alternatives With

Top 3 Resources Companies Should Switch to Green Alternatives With

As a business owner, you really want to protect your profits while satisfying your customers, and that can often be a difficult thing to balance. If you take too many shortcuts or fail to adapt to the demands of customers, your customers will leave, and profits can drop. If you go too far and do too many costly things in an effort to go above and beyond for your customers, your profits will flat out disappear; even if you’re technically bringing in record sales numbers.

So, the green movement can be kind of scary. Customers are demanding that companies take responsibility for their carbon footprint, which you probably want to do anyway, but some of the stuff can be too costly to implement right away; especially if you’re a small or middle-market business and not one of the juggernaut corporations.

So, you have to find a balance and start small. For instance, you can start by incorporating software similar to greenstone in order to access the areas in your business that are responsible for that negative impact. You can study those impacts and eventually make changes for betterment.

The practices and systems that companies employ can affect the future of their business as well as the environment. As mentioned before, it is essential to start slow and steady to maintain consistency in your company’s ways. You can also encourage customer engagement in sustainable practices every day by embedding data into the products that you offer them, say financial products from your company as a financial institution. Now, you could be wondering how a financial institution can spark such a change. With the help of SaaS-based products that you can avail on sites like and such, you could empower your customers to quantify, explain and reduce their climate impact.

When sustainability practices are taken seriously by a business, meaningful relationships could be developed with customers. It is essential to convey that bringing climate action requires teamwork, and that would involve efforts put in by your business and the masses as well.

Today, we want to go over three things you can focus on to go green, satisfy your customers and your own desire to be green, and still keep your profits.

Let’s get started.

1: Mailing Bags

With business being taken online in extreme numbers in recent years, the consumption of mailing bags has risen dramatically. You might not think about it, but those are pretty harmful to the environment when you purchase the standard plastic ones. They end up in landfills, or worse, strewn all over the place, and they’re not really reusable in any practical sense.

Switching to eco-friendly mailing bags is a cheap alternative that maintains the functionality you’re looking for while dropping your carbon footprint. On top of that, more eco-conscious customers will take notice of the brown paper bag in their mailbox instead of the hideous plastic ones they’re used to.

So, not only will you be moving towards a greener method of operating, but you might just score some brownie points with your customers.

2: Minimize Physical Mail

Mail is necessary. Whether you’re sending memos to business partners and employees, or you’re initiating an outreach program as part of your advertisement campaign, it’s just something you have to do.

However, the truth is, those letters aren’t getting recycled. They’re getting tossed in the trash after the recipient reads them. If you’re lucky, a customer might pin an ad to their fridge for a week to save your number or web address.

That’s a huge waste of resources in both producing the paper for that mail and in terms of the transportation used to get them where they’re headed.

Instead, try to minimize physical mail by switching to electronic options.

3: Lighting

How many businesses have you seen that keep every single part of their establishment lit like an operating room 24/7? Sometimes, you can drive by businesses long after they’re closed, and the lights are still on.

The fact is, if no one’s using a part of the building, the lights and other things don’t need to be on. If you’re closed at night, your customers don’t need a neon light and dimmed lighting to figure that out.

Aside from this, you can switch to LED lighting since it is considered to be a greener alternative and more energy-efficient than incandescent or CFL bulbs. LED lights can be installed on your office premises as well as in your parking area to reduce energy consumption. If you are looking to buy LED lights for your office, you can visit an online store here.

Get Started Today

Besides waiting for new mailing bags to arrive, all of these things can be implemented immediately and create meaningful changes. Impress your customers, lower your carbon footprint, and protect your profits all at once, today.

David Robertson