New Well-Paying Jobs to Consider in 2022

New Well-Paying Jobs to Consider in 2022

Picking a career is one of the main choices we make in life. It’s a choice that typically involves a mix of passion and pragmatism. After all, since we’ll spend most of our time working, it’s better not to land a job we hate. So, if you’re choosing or changing your career, it’s vital to be aware of the market trends. For instance, it is no surprise that tech jobs are in high demand, especially with our reliance on the internet and computer systems. When people are searching for crypto entry level jobs and others in a similar line, it is normal to see more of these appearing as time goes on.


Shopping in the Job Market

If you’ve been paying attention to the business world, you’ve noticed that the job market has changed quite a bit in the past two years. Countless professionals have shifted to remote work, and most of them aren’t coming back to the office. 

Increased computer ownership and widespread fast internet have paved the way for entirely new industries. Here are a few mentions:

Online Gaming

  • Software Developer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Live Dealer 

The online gaming industry has risen dramatically during this period. Last year, this industry was valued at USD 72.02 billion, and it’s set to grow until the end of this decade. So, careers in the gambling sector are something to consider in 2022. Gambling sector careers are becoming more attractive. 

Information Technology

  • Database Architect/Administrator
  • Systems Architect/Analyst
  • Cybersecurity Analyst

Information technology (IT) is a vast market. These jobs require a high level of specialisation, and there aren’t many of them in the market. That’s why IT-related jobs usually pay more than the average local wage. They’re responsible for organising most business operations and internal systems. Even medium-sized companies need IT teams eventually, so it’s a busy market. 

Marketing and Advertising

  • Market Research Manager/Analyst
  • UX Manager/Director
  • eCommerce Marketing Manager/Director

Every big company needs an attractive marketing campaign, and the advertising sector is buzzing. Technology plays a vital part here since most marketing campaigns now are designed for an online audience. Indeed, TV and radio advertisements are declining. 


  • Film Editor
  • Camera Operator
  • Audio Engineer

Audiovisual professionals are also in high demand. TVs no longer monopolise this niche, and several studios invest in productions to be streamed online. The audiovisual market was valued at USD 90.51 billion in 2020. This industry has been growing 7.31% yearly ever since. 

Financial Market

  • Economist
  • Financial Manager
  • Personal Finance Advisor

News about the financial market usually makes it to the headlines of any newspaper. Like it or not, banks and the stock market deeply influence our lives. Not too long ago, the stock market was only a thing for big investors. New technologies have popularised this kind of investment, and this niche is in constant need of highly trained professionals. 



Unsurprisingly, the best-paying jobs are those that require higher specialisation. All careers mentioned here require at least a bachelor’s degree; the competition for senior positions can be brutal. Anyway, the key to staying on top of competitors in the job market is investing in constant specialisation. If you’re choosing a new career this year, read about all the suitable options with care. Good luck!

David Robertson