Top 5 Best Manufacturers of Beverage Trucks

Top 5 Best Manufacturers of Beverage Trucks

There is a huge consumption of beverages in the world, and in the United States alone, all sorts of beverages you can think of are being bottled, canned, or packed for commercial consumption.  With this, people have become totally dependent on conveniently packed beverages, from juices to sodas, and even water.  And this growing demand for convenient drinks has caused the need for increased production and transport, making beverage trucks one of the busiest trucks today, and those who operate them using resources like this trucking company software to help them manage their fleets and recruit the best drivers to get their beverages safely where they need to be.

Because of the increasing demand for beverage trucks, there are so many brands that make them.  And if you are planning to join the bandwagon, it would be great to check out a list of the best manufacturers of beverage trucks so you can trim down your choices and choose wisely.

After doing some research, we have come up with a list of the best manufacturers of beverage truck for sale in the market.  


Mercedes-Benz is a popular European brand and their reputation precedes them when it comes to manufacturing not only luxury cars but also trucks and utility vehicles.  Through the years they were able to build a brand name that you can trust.  Mercedes-Benz is a popular choice among business owners as a beverage truck which is why you may often see them on the road carrying loads from one place to another.


Chevrolet manufactures one of the sturdiest and most efficient vehicles in the market.  Even if you check for second-hand trucks, you may see Chevrolet still looking good and ready to go.  This makes a great choice for those who wish to do this business long-term.  You may also find a lot of customized Chevrolet beverage trucks being sold in the market today. 


Isuzu, being a Japanese brand, has always been linked to quality and trustworthiness.  Isuzu is the world’s leading commercial vehicle diesel engine manufacturer. In fact, some engines used by other motor companies for their product line are powered by Isuzu. Often, Isuzu retains a high resale value because of their quality assurance, strength, and durability.  Which is why, if you are looking for beverage trucks that can carry heavy loads with ease, Isuzu is one of the best choices. 


Freightliner promises to deliver incredible value to your business as their models boast of fuel efficiency and low maintenance cost.  These features make this brand very competitive with other popular beverage trucks in the market today, as business owners always look for performance and economic efficiency.  


When you see or hear the name GMC, the first thing that comes into mind is an image of strong, powerful, great looking trucks.  And their medium trucks, such as beverage trucks are of no exception.  This brand which focuses primarily on manufacturing of trucks and utility vehicles is, of no doubt, one of the most popular brands in the market, although they say that GMC caters more to a premium market.

There are plenty of other brands out there that you might want to explore in order for you to find the one that suits your taste and budget.  Do take note that it is always important to consider ease-of-maintenance when buying your trucks. This includes frequency and cost of maintenance and availability of parts. While purchasing second-hand beverage trucks may be a very wise choice, do pick out the ones that may still give you a good return of your investment.  

David Robertson