4 Ways To Modernize Your Interior Design

4 Ways To Modernize Your Interior Design

If you live a home that hasn’t been updated in a while, then it can start to take its toll on how you feel when you’re in your house. However, not everyone has the budget to be able to completely remodel their home. The good news is that there are some affordable tricks you can do to modernize your interior design without doing a complete remodel. From your living room to your kitchen, ake a look at some of the simplest ways to give your home an updated and modern style. 

Upgrade Lighting 

Old lighting fixtures belong at your grandma’s house, not yours! One of the most important steps to making your house look like it’s was made in this decade is upgrading your fixtures.  

Throw out those old fluorescent lights and replace them with modern lighting. Not only did they look more stylish, but they are also much kinder to your electricity bill. 

Upgrade Appliances 

One of the first things that will instantly give away the last time your house was updated is your appliances. If you have old appliances from another decade, you should consider updating them- fast!

Getting new appliances doesn’t have to break the bank, either.  You can find newer second-hand models for a fraction of the cost that you would pay in a store. 

In addition to upgrading your appliances, you should consider upgrading your fixtures while you’re at it. You’d be surprised to find how much something simple like new cabinet handles can breathe life into your home, instantly modernizing your interior design. The best news is that updating your fixtures is hardly expensive. 

For a few bucks, you can buy new cabinet handles or doorknobs and not only improve your homes look, but you’ll make it more functional at the same time. 

Paint Accent Walls 

It’s time to peel off that old wallpaper and replace that outdated pattern with an accent wall. Adding a coat of new paint will instantly refresh your home and give it a modernized feel. Adding a pop of color to a room is an affordable way to give your home a magazine-worthy look that feels much more modern. 

If you’re not sure what color to paint your accent wall, consider going with a lighter palette. Creams and lighter colors are much more modern -looking. 

Paint Your Front Door 

If you’re going to modernize your home, why only focus on the inside? Since the outside is where people get their first impression, it’s important to modernize it where it counts. The first thing that people see when they get to your house is the door. 

The door is a great place to add a vibrant splash of color. No color is off-limits when it comes to your front door, have fun choosing something that will catch people’s eye. 

David Robertson