How to Make A Career as a YouTuber?

How to Make A Career as a YouTuber?

A career as a YouTuber gives you fame, a huge fan following as well as lots of money. In the last few years, YouTube has experienced an exponential growth in quality content creators who are not just changing lives but also helping fill their own bank accounts. If you are thinking about making a career on the world’s largest video sharing platform, here is the NineHub guide you need to follow.

Define your market

You would need to operate in a niche- with a dedicated target audience. For instance, you could create a finance channel dedicated to millennials or boomers. You could also create a broader market finance channel. Define your niche and your audience. This would help you in taking the next steps.

Start researching

You will have to research about your niche market and target audience. Check out what other similar channels are saying and make notes of their content. Check out how many subscribers they have and make sure that you learn about their behavior, affinity categories and more. This would help you get started.

Start your channel

To start your channel, you need to first start by creating a setup. This will include the place where you will shoot your video, a good quality DSLR camera, tripod and a mic. You will also need to ensure that you have a script to follow during the video. It is ideal to stick to the script as it will keep your video small and entertaining. Now, create an account on YouTube, give a name to your channel and get started.

Start uploading content

You should start uploading content at a regular frequency. Most YouTubers prefer to upload their videos weekly which helps them in maintaining a good schedule, which is easy for their audience to follow as well. We strongly recommend you to upload only that content which is relevant to your audience. In the beginning, you may choose to post more often. However, you should eventually create a schedule and stick to it.

Promote and monetize your content

Start promoting your channel to relevant audience. First, start by sharing the links with people you know and ask them to promote the videos via word of mouth. You may also choose Google AdWords and other advertising platforms like Facebook to promote your content to the relevant audience. It is very difficult to reach your target audience organically. Therefore, you should make sure that you are creating targeted paid campaigns that could help you in getting more visibility.

Once you have promoted your channel and start getting engagement, you must start monetizing. This may include payment via Google, Patreon and even through merchandize sales. You can also do paid promotion and other types of collaborations with sponsors.

So, this is the simple and easy NineHub guide to becoming a YouTuber and earning a handsome income while becoming famous. If you think you have what it takes to become an awesome YouTube content creator, give it a shot!

David Robertson