5 Ways To Make More Money In Your Lifetime

5 Ways To Make More Money In Your Lifetime

It’s true that money isn’t the true key to happiness, but it sure does help.  You need money to survive, and you need lots of money to thrive. Luckily, there are several controllable aspects of your life you can shift to make more money as the years pass.  

Life has plenty of uncontrollable variables, which makes it even more important that you take control when possible.  Take some time now to read through a few ways in which you can shift your life to make more money.  

Good personal hygiene habits

You’ll make more money in life overall if you have good personal hygiene habits.  You will fare better in a professional interview with a fresh and clean shaven face (or legs).  

People enjoy longer conversations with those who look well put together and smell delicious.  Being clean attracts more attention from others, and that’s never a bad thing in business.  

Go to college 

It may seem a frivolous endeavor with the cost of college skyrocketing and student loan debts at an all-time high, but going to college is still the surest way to make more money in your lifetime.  

Get an education, and try not to be like every other college student.  Study, and don’t change your major five times during the duration of your education.  You’ll spend less money by being decisive.  

Keep your body in good shape

Eating a healthy diet will not only help you to live longer, but it will also help you to feel better.  Feeling better means you’ll be up for working more often. Feeling good in your skin means that you’ll have more confidence in your work.  

Regular exercise will keep your vessel ready for action at all times.  Live a vibrant life with a reliable body, and make more money paving your way to success. 

Choose a career path early in life

Choosing and sticking to a career path early in life gives you the ability to work harder for longer at progressing your status within that career.  You’ll have time to earn more money, and you’ll live a more confident life as a result.  

The trouble with this advice is that it’s difficult to know what you want for your life when you’re young.  Most college freshmen change their major several times before settling on a final career path.  

Stay single as long as possible 

It may sound like a weird suggestion, but living with a partner or family is much more expensive than living alone.  If you’re cut out for it, stay single for as long as possible. You’ll have more time to devote to your career, and you’ll have more time to devote to yourself. 

David Robertson