Finance Tips For Your Thirties

Finance Tips For Your Thirties

Your thirties are a very interesting time in your life, as most people reach their full mental and emotional maturity sometime in the decade spent in their thirties.  Learning the full spectrum of money management is one of the notable milestones of your thirties.  

You start to realize that your life really does have an expiration date in your thirties.  Suddenly, the amount of money you have (and the stuff you have) stored matters much more than it ever did before.  

Start getting your financial ducks in a row now, so you don’t find yourself in a tough spot when you’re old.  Here are a few financial management tips to consider while navigating your way through your thirties.  

Get the money you are owed

By the time you reach your thirties, you’ve seen a few things in your life.  You’ve had a few experiences, and some of them may not have been so great. If you have been injured by the fault of someone else, you are not the one responsible for the financial fallout of your injuries.  

Don’t allow a situation like that to go without action.  Hire a knowledgeable lawyer who specializes in personal injury suits, and go after the financial reparations you are due.  The money you get from your legal action could really help you find added comfort in your financial situation.  

Live your life on a budget

By the time you reach 30, you should know how to manage a budget.  Your finances should always be strictly budgeted, so you know that your money isn’t being wasted.  

Set goals, and use your budgeting skills to edge towards those financial milestones.  The structure of a budget provides stability for your financial situation.  

Start saving to purchase a home

If you don’t already own your own home, your thirties are the perfect time to start rolling that ball down the hill of life.  It takes time to go through the full process of purchasing a home from saving for the down payment to signing your mortgage agreement.  

You may need several years to shape up your credit scores and save for a comfortable down payment on your prospective loan.  Take this decade to nest, and start to truly build a home.  

Think about the kids’ future 

If you have kids, now is the time to start saving for their future expenses.  It’s understood that it’s not always possible to save money when you’re spending so much money keeping the kids alive, but think it through.  

Your kids need money to get through college.  They will need money to navigate the journey to college.  Graduations, sports, cars, insurance, and all the other things your kids will need as they grow won’t be cheap.  

Start tossing money aside for the regular maintenance of your kids’ success in life, and you’ll provide more than just money for your kids.

David Robertson