4 Pieces of Inspired Curb Appeal Advice for Smart Investors

4 Pieces of Inspired Curb Appeal Advice for Smart Investors

When you invest money in something, you expect to return. That is a basic premise of economic thinking. When it comes to property values, this is especially true. But, there are lots of different variables that come into the equation when someone decides how much a property is worth. And a big piece of this evaluation stems from the appearance of a property. In other words, excellent curb appeal improves investment value.

So what are some of the things that you can do to increase the curb appeal of an investment of yours? First, pay close attention to fences and property lines. Second, determine the value of DIY landscaping. Third, it’s amazing how much a good pressure washing will do for the exterior of the building.

And lastly, if you want to know if an investment in curb appeal is going to be worth it, make a quick comparison with neighboring buildings and property. If you can stand out with, say, a beautiful driveway that you can get a local paving company Lynchburg to do, your property will immediately be evaluated at a higher number then adjacent lots.

Fences and Property Lines

A big part of curb appeal comes from how well your property lines are delineated. There will be references on a land ownership chart somewhere. But there’s also the matter of having a fence. And you might as well make that fence look good. In some cases, you can do this privately with your effort.

Other times, it’s much smarter to contact a fence contractor. Contractors will be able to give you a lot more options, especially regarding things like privacy fences or security fences, and they will be much more efficient putting it in then you would be on your own.

DIY Landscaping

However, one way to improve curb appeal that you can do by yourself is to look into DIY landscaping projects. It is a fun, investment-friendly, and positive experience to do some of your own landscaping. It might mean taking care of the lawn either by yourself or with the help of professionals, like this lawn care new york company, who have the knowledge and products to ensure a beautiful lawn year-round. It could mean planting a few trees.

Maybe you want to put in a flower bed or a line of bushes. In all of these cases, your investment in time, energy, and money will go directly to improving the value of your property, thereby increasing the function of excellent curb appeal. With this being said, you will need to dedicate quite a lot of time to these landscaping projects so if you don’t think you’ll be able to do a good job or get it done in time, hiring a landscaping company Richmond is a good idea.

Washing the Exterior

How does your property look from the outside? In other words, are the walls, windows, and doors clean? If it’s been more than a season since you cleaned them, then there is probably a lot of dirt cakes all over the place. Depending on where this property is located, sun, rain, mud, dirt, dust, grass, or any other number of externalities could make the paint job on the outside of the building look dismal. Do a quick pressure wash and your curb appeal value skyrockets.

Comparing Yourself To the Neighbors

What about comparing yourself to the neighbors? How is your curb appeal compared to theirs? If their property looks better than yours, and you should do something about that quickly. Otherwise, no matter how valuable you think are places, it will be compared to something that looks better nearby.

David Robertson