Popular Investment Options That You Can Choose Right Now!

Popular Investment Options That You Can Choose Right Now!

Wondering how to convert your monthly savings into a stream of income? If yes, then pay great attention to this article where we are listing some of the most popular investment options that you can choose right now. 


Buying shares of a company means that you own a piece of that organization. There are numerous kinds of stocks, and they are mainly categorized based on company type, size, and current performance in the market cycles and their potential for long- and short-term growth. Stocks are the most used platform for investment and can provide high returns in the longer run.  You will have a lot of informative material and chance of meeting personal advisors while investing in them. 


A bond is a form of loan given by an investor to an organization in exchange of interest payments for a predetermined period. After the completion, the organization is obliged to pay the principal amount on the maturity date. Typically, you have the option among various bonds like agency, corporate and Treasury.  Bonds are a low-risk investment scheme compared to stocks. However, it is best suited for people who are satisfied with getting regular interest payments. 

Investment funds

Also known as closed-end funds, exchange-traded funds and mutual funds- investment funds accumulate money from numerous lenders and invest it on stocks, bonds, and other platforms according to a pre-designed investment strategy. Being beginner friendly, funds provide various benefits like professional management, diversification, and a vast variety of investment styles and strategies.  You are bound to pay some fees for their efforts, but it is usually a limited amount. 

Bank products 

Banks and credit unions have been a traditional platform to accumulate savings. Some of the banks have come up with alluring services that help a client with money management. Savings and checking accounts have become part of our life as they are flexible and liquid. Banks have been a reliable investment platform and will always be the soul of a nation’s economy. 


Options are contracts that allow its purchaser to sell or buy any security like an exchange-traded fund or a stock. Although the contacts do not oblige them to trade security yet, they are bound to do business only at a fixed price for a given time. Being highly risky, options demand knowledge and experience or else the chances of loss will increase manifolds. 


Annuities are a contract between an insurance company and an investor. The agreement states that the company has to make periodical payments for a scheduled period. They either provide immediate payments known as an immediate annuity or at a pre-described date known as a deferred annuity. 

Commodity Futures 

Futures are contracts or agreements that describe a specific price and a particular time when the commodity will be sold or purchased. Some of these commodities are oil, metals, grains, currencies and financial instruments. 

Many other platforms have emerged as the new age methods of investment. Thus, you must be patient while using your hard-earned money, especially in the trading world. Weigh your options carefully before investing.

David Robertson