Hiring A Financial Advisor, The Right Way

Hiring A Financial Advisor, The Right Way

Hiring a financial advisor can be a painful task especially when you have not hired one before. For all the newbies, we have compiled a list of features a competent financial advisor must possess. The next time you meet new applicants, this list must be your guide for judgment. If you need advice on getting a CIFAS marker removed, visiting an accountant would be a good start!

Educational qualification 

You must invest in a financial advisor only if he/she has taken the absolute best educational qualification from a reputable institution. You cannot risk your money over an average finance student. It is better to work with the best than to struggle with a mediocre. Again, you should also be keen on their training and special skills they might possess.

Professional designations 

We advise you to ask for CPA/PFS or CFP s that showcases an applicant’s required knowledge space. Although there is no need to doubt an advisor with a long list of titles and achievements, yet it sometimes leads to a person unworthy of holding to those titles.  Always remember, designations are not evidence of a person’s capabilities as they can only be examined over the practical demonstration of their knowledge. 

Advisor’s history 

Before signing an independent financial advisor, you must question their history. Their answers determine their work ethics, real-life accomplishments and also their nature as an individual.  You must query about their background and about any consumer complaints they might have dealt with.  It is not advised to hire an advisor who has already worked in several other occupations. Note that an ill-famed advisor will not magically turn out to be a reliable person. 


Although knowledge is a primary feature of a competent advisor yet, you cannot compromise over experience. Even the most academically superior individuals make mistakes due to lack of practical experience. Thus, you must hire an advisor who not only possesses excellent knowledge but who have also become wiser with time. 

Value experience as it does not come with a fancy office and alluring designations. It is that element which will decide the length of your partnership with your new financial advisor.  


You must not hire an advisor who is keen on telling you everything he/she might know something about. The best advisor is always a great listener and never hesitates from asking tough questions. In case the applicant prefers sharing their thoughts over yours then they are not fit to sit in a room with a person who pays them to look and observe. 


A serious applicant will let you know about their charges, interest, complaint history and their way of working before your decision-making process. Thus, they provide a clear picture of what you can expect from them; meanwhile, a person hungry for a job will maintain secrecy. Make sure that you ask them all the necessary questions and evaluate them on the fact that they are not trying to hide a mistake or glorifying their achievements.  At the worst, you do not need a hot-headed advisor who is prone to making emotional decisions. 

Do not hurry, calm yourself down, evaluate the applicant on the points mentioned above and take time to make a decision. After all, we are talking about money and the next few years of your financial health.

David Robertson