How to Get Expert IRS Audit Help

How to Get Expert IRS Audit Help

The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) may intentionally or randomly choose a tax return to check if the reported taxes are proper. If you are one of those chosen to be audited, you can avail expert IRS audit help to avoid charges and penalties. Do not try to hurry through the auditing process but get online assistance as well as help from a good tax audit handling company to deal with the issue. If you have issues with your tax that may come to light during the audit, there are IRS programs that offer tax relief to those who need it. Websites like TaxRise can delve into this further and offer the assistance needed.

Know Your Rights and the IRS Audit Process

First, start by learning about your rights as a taxpayer to smoothly manage the audit process. The IRS initiates the procedure by sending a mail notification to the audited person. This letter details steps to be taken and the deadline for response.

After your reply to the notification, there are usually three outcomes: First, your explanation and supporting documents are accepted by the IRS and they do not make any alterations to your filed return. Second, changes may be proposed to your return by the IRS and you can sign a file to agree to the changes. Third, you can challenge the evaluation and refuse to agree to the IRS’ changes. In this case, you’d need to contact an IRS manager to fix the concern.

Taxpayers’ Rights

The IRS provides a set of rights to taxpayers which include:

  • Right to courteous and professional treatment by employees of the agency
  • Right to confidentiality and privacy about tax issues
  • Right to learn why the service is requesting information, how it will be used and what can occur if a person does not provide the requested details
  • Right to legal representation, by an authorized rep or by oneself

How to Get IRS Audit Help

It can be intimidating to get an IRS notice about possible mistakes in your filed tax return. But do not panic but fix the problem by obtaining assistance. Depending on the audit process, you should decide whether you require professional representation, IRS audit help, or if just self-help resources will suffice.

Self-Help Resources

If the audit concerns look basic, you can utilize self-help or online tools. Research and find IRS guides and articles that detail specific tax problems. Read these files to get answers to your queries. If the agency asks for added documents to verify accuracy, simply provide it to them without needing to hire a professional tax service. Your audit process will be completed after you submit the needed documents. If this is your first time falling behind on payment of taxes to the IRS, you could contact professionals from Clean Slate Tax or other similar firms for the right advice on what to do next. These firms are well placed to guide you on IRS’s Fresh Start Program; provided you meet the program’s eligibility criteria.

Tax Audit Help

Various tax audit assistance companies offer programs to help with IRS audits. Also, there are additional resources online that you can refer to when you are stuck (click here for an example). When it comes to companies that provide assistance, they can offer a range of services for all types of needs. Usually, a tax expert will help you to review your IRS notice and will detail your options. If needed, the professional will also handle tax audit paperwork and issues to deliver comprehensive assistance.

IRS Audit Representation If the IRS charges you with a severe crime or penalty, you should definitely get IRS audit representation. Generally, you could face a heavy fine if the IRS notice indicates that there is a serious error in your tax return. To deal with tax evasion or fraud issues, you should hire a qualified tax layer. This tax professional will negotiate for you, research your audit issues and communicate with the tax agent at the IRS to fix the problems.

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