Guide To Move To A New Office Without The Pain And Hassle

Guide To Move To A New Office Without The Pain And Hassle

The growth of a business, large or small, is considered by real and conflicting events. Those choices and turning points must be taken with confidence. The shift in the Move is assuredly the most challenging to negotiate.

Whatever the purpose (bases too small, loads too large, unsuitable place, etc.), the relocation of a company’s expectations is a sensitive event. It needs careful preparation if we want to make one-a real possibility for improvement and growth.

The bigger the size of the business, the more the Move must be prepared in advance.

Besides an impressive list of tasks to accomplish before the Move, there is also the human capital, which also deserves to be considered if we want to limit all the pressure inherent in the Move’s ordeal and some of its collateral harm.

Start With The Notice Of The Commercial Lease Of Your Current Home

For the premises you currently occupy, you have signed a commercial lease with a fixed notice period, generally 4 to 6 months from the time you occupy the professional premises.

Therefore, you must notify your landlord by registered letter or by the bailiff at least 4 to 6 months before the desired date for the business’s transfer. This sending is a necessary decision-making act because it is final. The company has until this term of 4 to 6 months to organize its Move and remain legal.

Suppose you have a deal with a notice duration of more than six months. In that case, it is also essential to respect this contract to avoid unnecessary administrative complications in this already hectic period. If you are the anxious type, you can even start looking for a new location before terminating the lease. Still, you may not be able to commit before having terminated the previous lease.

If you have not signed a lease (sublease or contract for the provision of services), this step will be much shorter.

Search For Offices Adapted To Your New Business Needs

To find offices that are larger, less expensive, or in a strategic location, you can follow several methods are available to you depending on your particular case:

  • You can advertise on a specialized site or in a specialized newspaper.
  • You can use your professional network (an entrepreneur friend leaves their offices, for example) or your entourage.
  • You can browse for professional lease announcements in newspapers.

Above all, it is the precision and correct definition of your needs and your criteria that will enable you to appropriately target the best communication media and be more efficient in your research.

If you are unsure of a geographical location, do not hesitate to ask your employees and customers to get their opinion. It sometimes helps avoid certain pitfalls that we had not thought of.

Estimating a budget is also a determining factor, especially in large cities where specific neighborhoods can have prohibitive prices. So take out your calculator and establish an estimated account!

Other things like accessibility, security, or configuration can also play a decisive role in your business and allow you to eliminate and sort different offers more quickly.

Once you select ten possible places, visit the different premises together, ask all the rigor questions, and come up with a shortlist of 3 or 4 premises that best meet your criteria. It will make it easier to compare and to proceed by elimination to find the ideal room suited to your needs.

After you finalize on a space, you may want to get some minor (or major) construction work done, so that the requirements of your office setup are met. This usually calls for coming up with a decent plan that works for you. You may wish to discuss this with your landlord as well. Depending on the changes that you wish to implement, you can find the cost to build out office space and see how it may be included in the lease.

Focus On Specifications, The Detailed Schedule Of Your Business Operations

Once the lease is signed, a milestone is crossed. It will be necessary to plan and organize the Move very concretely according to a specific date. To do this, exact specifications with a detailed planning calendar allow better control of the action’s progress and avoid oversights and accidents, which are sources of stress and discontent.

The times recommended for the different tasks vary according to the company’s size, of course. Still, the sequence of functions remains essentially the same. Once the current premises are under notice, and the new premises are reserved by contract, it is possible to plan all the tasks and organize all the Move activities.

To establish an efficient schedule of operations, you can either draw up a retro-planning of all the tasks by classifying them from the one (s) that require (s) the longest organizational time to the one (s) that you can do the day before the Move for example.

You can also carry out a thematic classification of your activities and then define a chronological schedule for each group of exercises: administrative, logistics, human, the Move itself, etc.

The most important remains to define its organization well and mainly to stick to it.

Coordinated Your Work And Give Thank To The Moving Manager

To properly coordinate all logistics operations at the company level, it is preferable to designate a removal manager by department or the team who will be both a coordinator and a reporter to the company manager (or the manager of operations).

This process will be more comfortable for this responsible person to harmoniously coordinate all the operations and follow the operations calendar’s progress.

Delays can occur, but it is vital that the person in charge remains in control of the situation and can readjust and make time for an unforeseen setback. Having a manager per team makes it possible to lighten everyone’s workload and at the same time to complete each group responsible for this Move.

Compare Quotes From Movers And Pick The Right One

Thanks to the specifications and the operations schedule, you can estimate the workload, plan all your activities, and finally schedule the D-day.

Once you have fixed the date by allowing a small margin for any delays, you will be able to request quotes for the transport of your goods. Do not hesitate to ask for several from different moving companies.

Search online with “Moving service near me.” Compare prices taking into account the different options, services, and insurance offered by these companies. Do not hesitate to contact them by phone if in doubt about a specific question.

Once you have chosen the provider, make sure to block the date and reserving the vehicle and airspace necessary for the transport of your goods. Pay attention to the day’s choice and choose according to your route and the areas to cross, and the usual traffic.

If you are moving within a large city, check with the town hall for major popular events to avoid planning your Move during chaos or too large a crowd. Depending on the options chosen, the mover can, of course, take care of all these tasks.

Suppose you have a small budget and a small team. In that case, it is, of course, possible to carry out your office Move alone by renting a suitable truck and mobilizing your employees!

Preparation For Your Move And Labeling Of The Boxes

Before packing, it can be useful to sort through your papers and files and get rid of everything unnecessary for the excellent continuation of the activity.

Likewise, to furniture, a move can be an opportunity to get rid of non-functional furniture which has become obsolete. You can give them to organizations or offer them to your workers who require them. It will allow you to lighten up and move lighter, with only what you need.

If you have furniture in excellent condition that you do not want to keep, do not hesitate to sell it to small businesses or go through the Adopte un Bureau site, which buys your professional furniture.

Once this sorting work is done, start by packing the files, materials, and other items you do not use daily. On moving day, keep what you will pack at the last minute the day before the Move.

Remember to identify your boxes by affixing your name and the box’s precise contents so that the movers can correctly dispatch all packages without delay on moving day.

Change Your Address And Update Your Professional Documents

As soon as you have a new professional address, declare it to all your partners, customers, and service providers by simple mail or email. Also, update your website.

You will gradually have to change the address on all your official documents (business cards, brochures, letterheads, etc.). You can take advantage of this Move to review the design of your communication visual or, on the contrary, prefer the continuity of form in a period already busy with changes.

Try to gradually organize this change by letting your current document stocks naturally run out to ensure a smooth transition and be ready to print new documents in the weeks leading up to your moving to a new office. It’s all about synchronization!

Check Your Inventory Of Computer Equipment And Internet Transfer

Computer equipment and Internet data are often the company’s strategic organ and the one that will be moved at the last minute. It is why it is recommended to take care of it and do everything possible to ensure its transfer in complete safety without taking too many risks.

From this point of view, this Move will probably occur in the last days before the action to disrupt the company’s productivity as little as possible.

Start by making an accurate inventory of all computer equipment, and carefully label the different devices to know which employee or provider it belongs to. Entrust the disconnections and reconnections to qualified professionals familiar with the security rules to not lose data during the transfer, especially for servers if you have them in your company.

Before moving all your equipment from one room to another, make sure that the new space’s Internet network is well-sized for the company’s needs, functioning correctly, and ensuring the security and confidentiality of all your transferred data.

Clean Up Your Old Office Premises

You will have to wait until your premises are empty the day after the Move to organize a thorough cleaning of these premises and carry out an adequate exit inventory.

You can, of course, entrust the cleaning of the premises to your usual cleaning employees. Still, it is preferable to assign this task to cleaning companies equipped with high-performance professional equipment and familiar with the standards of restitution of professional premises and the security rules. Furthermore, these experts will be able to clean all the dirt and signs of pests that you might not have noticed. Of course, if there is a pest problem within your property, companies that offer pest control honolulu way, or pest control wherever you might be, can be called out to deal with the issue. Offices are busy places so quite often issues regarding mites or smaller pests are overlooked by the hustle and bustle of the day. Calling in experts will put your mind at ease that you’re leaving the premises in great condition.

It will save you a lot of disappointments and allow you to concentrate better on the move-in phase.

Cleaning companies offer very different services that range from simple cleaning to DIY and repair work. Again, do not hesitate to contact several to compare prices.

Pick Your Ideal Office Furniture To Replace Old Ones

A change of premises can also be an opportunity to optimize the layout of your offices. You got rid of unnecessary objects and files, obsolete or unsuitable furniture. Now is the time to find others better suited or more practical in your business offices’ new configuration.

Last-Minute Advice For Keeping Your Cool On A Moving Day

Suppose you have respected the schedule of operations. In that case, D-Day will only be a simple formality, a simple movement from point A to point B.

If the boxes have been appropriately labeled, the movers will only have to dispatch them on arrival according to these boxes’ instructions. Suppose you do not want to disrupt the activity of the company. In that case, it is preferable to organize the Move during the weekend or devote an evening and morning to it not to slow down or disrupt the company’s smooth running.

Finally, during the days following the Move, it is advisable to set up a help unit to resolve all the small post-move problems, such as a phone that no longer works, computer that does not connect to the system. It will make it possible to centralize the dysfunctions and resolve them more quickly and more efficiently.

Enhance Your Premises With Additional Yet Crucial Decoration

When moving all of your equipment, it’s important to make sure it’s stored and organized clearly so people can find it. One way of doing this is to have a storeroom where different files and stationery could be stored. To reduce any accidents, it might also be worthwhile purchasing a rolling ladder too. Read reviews over at Platforms and Ladders. That will help people to easily access different shelves. This should keep employees safe as they lift different boxes. Once the transfer of furniture, files, and other essential tools is complete, it is vital to put a little finishing touch on this move.

Numerous modern functional objects allow you to brighten up your offices and bring pep to your new premises, and to welcome your employees at the new address with dignity. Do not hesitate to abuse it to seduce your employees and make them aware of the change.

Your employees will appreciate all these diligent efforts and reward you with greater productivity, so it’s an exciting and profitable investment!

Ensure Hiring Professional Office Movers:

Have you ever attempted to strike an office cubicle or move computers and other bulky items without the proper equipment? Easier said than done!

That’s why hiring professional movers may be a great idea – a mover has the proper equipment to securely, quickly, and efficiently do the work. So why not decrease your anxiety levels and consider moving companies with the tools, know-how, and workforce to urge the work wiped out in a timely and arranged manner.

Search packing service near me keyword in Google and shortlist a few companies. Make sure to read their blogs, judge branding value, and go through their online reviews, if not video testimonials.

Even if you’ve got a little office without an excessive amount of maneuvering, the sum of your equipment and business technology is comparatively high. To feature the present, when a bit of kit is broken, it could take weeks to repair, which only means more downtime.

The truth is, accidents can happen, albeit your office move is accessible or small, and professional movers have the insurance to hide such situations and keep you protected.

David Robertson