Is Moving House On a Friday Wise?

Is Moving House On a Friday Wise?

Careful decision making when moving house is critical. Failing to plan or to think that others are on the ball, could cost you and may even cause the property transaction to fail.

First get your ducks in a row by establishing a moving cost budget. Use comparison websites to find your key professionals that provide prior to instruction a fixed fee quote. Each quote should be compared and the comparison layout should help you do just that.

If you have additional items to move such as your car, then ensure you get a separate quote from sites such as All of these quotes will enable you to create a budget so that you can know what to expect when it comes to the day of your move. Know what costs are included and be careful of headline pricing.

Compare Conveyancing Quotes Online

A great website that provides a range of Conveyancing Solicitors costs and disbursements filtered by approved Mortgage Lender can be found at Homebuyer Conveyancing. It’s a website that you can browse and view detailed conveyancing pricing without disclosing your personal details. A no hassle approach that helps you find a Solicitor that is local or nationally based. You can when ready take a quote away and schedule a call direct from your chosen Solicitor firm.

The purchase quotes include a search pledge. If your transaction fails through no fault of your own then a replacement set of searches will be supplied for Free for your replacement property. That protection is worth having.

Once you have decided to move then you should instruct a Solicitor promptly as they will need to do ID checks on you and also they will need their terms of agreement signed. So many people assume that they just call a Conveyancing Solicitor and the job gets done.

Handing Over Your Solicitor Details When An Offer Is Accepted

When you hand over your Solicitor contact details to the Sales Agent it is definitely worth checking that they are correct. Do not assume that everyone else covers the detail. Time and time again the Solicitors involved start talking later than they should because the details provided are incorrect. Check that you have both Sellers and Buyers Solicitors details to hand.

Friday The Busiest Day For Moving

The busiest day for Solicitors is completion day. Many people choose a Friday because they have the weekend to get their new house in order before they go back to work. Plus, if moving overseas and using one of the Best International Moving Companies, it allows for two days, Saturday and Sunday, to move in at any pace, making the move much more relaxed and easier to handle. Friday is a great day to choose but the safety net for problems should they arise is limited. It’s sensible if you can to move on a Thursday using Friday as a safety net. This helps all parties. The Solicitor is under less pressure on a Thursday and has more time to spend on your property move. Less phone calls from stressed out Friday movers. As Friday is the busiest day, you might also want to hire a removalist to sort through all of your belongings for you. They can throw away your rubbish, take your unwanted items to charity and label everything you want to keep. Click Here to find an example of a removalist specialist that might be exactly what you need to take the stress out of moving.

Save On UK Stamp Duty Land Tax

Currently in the UK, Stamp Duty Land Tax for Homeowners moving who are buying a property less than 500,000 pays zero stamp duty land tax. (Only until March 2021) The demand for conveyancing is rising and many conveyancing Solicitors are working from home. They are used to working as a team and this home working does have its issues. This sudden high demand is causing service issues and the all important move is suffering delays.

If you are taking advantage of this zero Stamp Duty land Tax then choose a Solicitor that has capacity. We know that if you use Homebuyer that once a panel Solicitor has reached their service capacity that they are no longer available and they do not show up within the comparison. That ensures that any Solicitor you choose can help you with your move.

Move on time by using key professionals that have a proven record of providing a high quality service for a fair price. You no longer need to use a local Solicitor. The virus has forced Solicitors to work without having to meet you.

If you are working to strict deadlines then do call the Homebuyer Conveyancing Helpline on 0345 463 7664. They will be happy to help you. Their conveyancing panel has access to faster searches which will help you to get to exchange of contracts where using a standard Local Authority search may cause substantial delays.

David Robertson