Beautiful Riga: Tasteful Weekend, Junket with A Twinkle

Beautiful Riga: Tasteful Weekend, Junket with A Twinkle

There are cities intended for work, there are those that are intended for active entertainment, and there are those that are needed exclusively for life and recreation. Riga belongs to the last category. In the center you can find exclusively gingerbread-type houses, but in general, this city is a completely modern metropolis. However, any point can be reached on foot, and a half hour walk from the city center is the sea.

If you spend exclusively weekend days in Riga, it may seem upon your return that you spent them in a completely unfamiliar state in a new role for yourself. But do not forget to combine a pleasant excursion vacation with a fascinating junket to Riga.

Unlike many Baltic cities, Riga will not be able to get around in an hour. All the amazing nooks and crannies here cannot be appreciated even for the whole day. During the walk, you willy-nilly want to capture the habits of the local population: eat rabbit meat and frog legs along with dumplings and pancakes, admire street art installations, use through entrances, and also use a little Riga balsam.

Truly endlessly you can walk through the streets of Riga, lined with pavers. Do not forget to find a house on which roof there are black cats and find out from the local population about the building history. Be sure to visit the Dome Cathedral and listen to organ music on an instrument for which the great Franz Liszt composed tunes.

You can have a good time in Riga by exploring the many courtyards with shops and coffee houses. In the cafe, do not deny yourself the pleasure and order small, very fresh rolls with cocoa, traditionally served in a transparent glass mug. In stores, you should definitely buy some chocolate, which is cooked according to the classic antiquity recipes.

Do not forget to take a boat trip, because a train ticket to the sea will cost you only some centimes. At the same time, remember that the best time to walk along the shore is morning.

A boat trip on the Riga Canal is another great weekend idea. One hour, one lap and one more new impressions of Riga. The city canal runs through the center and small boats with tourists constantly go along it. In addition to the impressions of a walk along the small canal arm, tourists like access to the “big water” when the boat leaves for the expanse of the wide Daugava River. The route has several stops in the city, and the trip starts from the Bastion Hill.

The city is interesting to watch not only from land and water, but also from above. So, it’s worth visiting the Radisson Latvia hotel observation deck. The Skyline Bar is located on one of the top hotel floors. The high-rise of the hotel will be visible behind the monument of freedom in the center, if you stand facing it. On the ground hotel floor, past the reception to the right and on the non-stop elevator, follow directly to the sky. The bar is open from 17:00. On weekends, entry may be paid due to the influx of commerce (3-5 euros per entry). From the interior and its layout, it becomes clear that Radisson works in the Soviet hotel “Latvia” building, but everything has been solidly restored. The place main magnet is huge windows, from which an excellent old city view and the New Center quarters opens. At Skyline Bar you can spend time with another type of cocktail based on Riga Balsam, and you can also have a bite to eat.

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David Robertson