Junket Travel in the CIS

Junket Travel in the CIS

Tourism is multifaceted, as are those who like to “wave for a week”. Someone like the passive contemplation of the sea beauties, another with his hectic soul rushes to conquer the mountain peaks, and still others get adrenaline in a completely different way.

Gambling tourism is a relatively new concept, but has managed to win its loyal fans. Recently, it has been gaining unprecedented proportions in the CIS thanks to the development of gambling establishments networks that provide junket services.

Players for whom the game is identical to life, receive in such complexes the fulfillment of all their desires. That is why the junket is gaining popularity. Apparently, this popularity will grow in the post-Soviet сountries in arithmetic progression. So the casino network by Shangri La (Darren Keane is CEO) accepts travelers in four countries: Latvia, Belarus, Armenia and Georgia.

How did junket appear?

This concept came from American slang, where it meant a pleasure trip at someone else’s expense. It was born in the cradle of the American mafia – in the city of Chicago. There, the junket was first tested and for the first time proved its vitality and maximum attractiveness for those to whom its advantages are intended.

Junket seems to be the most effective way to direct the indefatigable players’ energy in the right direction. The goal of any junket trip is one of the gambling centers. Which one is chosen by the team itself, which is formed around the players’ preferences for the casino.

Who organizes gaming tours?

In countries where the casino does not work, the organization of travel is handled by the interested persons themselves or travel agencies. The manager discusses with the owner or the establishment’s administration the chosen route and all the details of ensuring flight and accommodation. Although you can always associate with the chosen casino, and then the gambling establishment will deal with the tour organization.

Once the contribution paid by each player-traveler, the amount of which usually fluctuates around the mark of 5,000 USD, goes to cover the above costs. The junket tourist from this moment can enjoy life at his pleasure. The organizer takes care of all the problems and concerns associated with the transfer, accommodation, as well as food and other emerging issues.

Only one thing is required of a player, namely, strict pre-agreed rule observance: the need to play with those bets with a minimum size set. This can continue for different times, depending on personal arrangements and game conditions.

With full observance of the conditions, the player gets the opportunity, in addition to rest and pleasure from the game, to take back his winnings, and no matter what size it will be. If Luck smiles at the casino guest, they can fully refund the amount spent on the trip. And even stay in the black!

What does Shangri La offer?

Shangri La offers a VIP vacation with the ability to play all casino games. All the network establishments that provide junket tours to Tbilisi, Riga, Minsk and Yerevan are made in the same luxurious style. Everything is created here for the player’s pleasure, and the staff is ready to fulfill any wishes. This is an invariable rule for all casinos run by Storm International, Darren Keane noted.

The price includes a range of services. By paying the chips cost, the guest receives a free transfer, top-level accommodation, excellent food and a wide selection of drinks, excursions and participation in all casino events. And what’s nice, the manager takes care of all organizational issues, which allows the guest to relax as much as possible.

A game tour is a great opportunity to quench your thirst for the game, but at the same time get to know the beautiful cities and become a theme parties’ member.

David Robertson