Why do people send money to family members abroad

Why do people send money to family members abroad

A lot of people after leaving a particular country to another would often have to send money home. There are many reasons why this happens. Some of the reasons why people send money to family members abroad are discussed subsequently.

Family Support
In most cases, when people leave a country to another country, they travel because they are seeking greener pastures. The implication is that they have parents and siblings back home who are also struggling and do not have anything tangible doing. Some of their siblings might not even be employable yet as they are still very young and still in school. Thus, the one abroad will need to send money regularly, in some cases, monthly for the upkeep of his or her parents and younger ones. For this reason, they might have read about Worldremit and subsequently settle to use the services of the platform to send money to their family members abroad.

To buy properties
A lot of people who are seeking greener pastures abroad are not there to settle down. In some cases, they might have come in with student visa that allows them to work and hope to go back after they are through with school. Even when they plan to stay back after school, it might just be for a few years during which they hope to have worked enough to have gotten enough properties back home and enough investments. It is for no reason that it is regularly quoted that there is no place like home. Most people are often more comfortable in their own country than in other countries. Thus, they will send money to family members to help them get land and start to build so that whenever they come back home, they can have a place to settle in. This is more so for people that came in illegally and do not have papers, knowing that they could be deported at any time.

To invest
Another reason why people send money to their family members abroad is to help them invest. This could be an investment in shares or starting a company. As already stated, most people plan to go back home soon or know that they could be deported once they are discovered. Thus, they want to get investments they can fall back too when they come back home.

To pay loans
Going abroad can be very expensive with visa fees, agent fees, flight tickets and the money required by the country that an immigrant must have before they come in. The money will come in handy for securing their first accommodation and feeding before they finally get a job. It could also include tuition fees and other expenses for students. Thus, the immigrant might have taken a loan from family, friends or financial institutions for the journey. They would need to send money to family members who would pay the loan on their behalf. In some cases, they would need to pay the loan with interests.

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