5 Ways To Find Money To Pay For A Lawyer

5 Ways To Find Money To Pay For A Lawyer

There are a million and one different reasons why you might need the help of a lawyer throughout the course of your life, and none of those reasons make hiring a lawyer any less expensive.  

Not everyone has a couple thousand dollars lying around to pay for legal services, so you may have to get creative.  If you’re in a situation where you need to hire legal counsel, you’ll want to know a few different ways to find the money to pay for your lawyer.  

Take a moment to read through this brief look at some helpful tips for finding the funds to hire a legal professional in your time of need, and consider your next move today.  

Consider creating a crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding has skyrocketed in popularity over the past decade, and it’s now a legitimate way to raise money for a worthy cause.  If you need a lawyer to help you fight a blatently bogus charge, you can create an appeal to financially able indicidual who can choose to donate funds to your need.  

It’s recommended that you do some research on what it takes to create a well-crafted crowdfunding appeal before you put yourself out there.  You don’t want to miss out on a great opportunitiy because you didn’t do the legwork. You can utilize the various crowdfunding platforms online to plead your case to generous benefactors.  If you spend time researching what it really takes to create a successful crowdfunding appeal, then you’ll have a better chance of raising the funds you need for representation.  

Don’t take chances when it comes to legal matters, and put forth your best effort to protect your best interests.  A few hours spent staring at the computer is much more tolerable than the consequences you could face in court.  

Gather the family together 

Not everyone has the option, but you might benefit from gathering your family together.  Family is often a wonderful source of support in a tough legal situation. You may be able to get enough assistance from loved ones to get yourself started with a decent lawyer.  

You may not have this option, as family connections have changed over the generations, but you may have the option to gather family together.  Gather the people in your family who are the closest, and have a talk.  You may find that you have more support than you think you do.  

Understand the various ways lawyers charge

Before you ever set foot in a lawyer’s office, you should first understand the various ways in which legal professionals charge for their representation.  There are a few different ways to consider: 

By the hour – you pay a set price per hour of service 

Pro-bono – your lawyer offers his/her services free of charge

Flat fee – your legal counsel may set a flat fee for their services

Contingency fee – you pay a lump sum that is the resource for charges accrued for services

Seek out local legal aid organizations

There are always legal aid organizations around town that offer valuable opportunities for people in need of legal representation.  You may also consider checking in with a local legal college.  Students typically are able to offer free legal advice to those in need. 

See if your case is pro-bono worthy

Pro-bono refers to free legal representation. If you have a high profile case, some lawyers will take special interest in acquiring you as a client.  There are also some legal groups who specialize in representing low-income individuals free of charge.

David Robertson